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Not exactly an ARG, but WoW has an ongoing set of secrets to solve

Hey gamedetectives,
Blizzard added in World of Warcraft another set of secrets to solve (with a mount as reward) and so far we solved the first few clues.
Now we are at a point where we have to crack a code that seems to be binary but could also be something else.
I eagerly followed while the Sombra ARG was ongoing and was impressed by the deciphering and code cracking that people here were able to do.
If you want to help, there's a wiki entry dedicated to this: http://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Lucid_Nightmare
Any help is highly appreciated and you are welcome to help and discuss at the wow secret discord: https://discord.gg/wowsecrets
But you should know.. there's thousands of people there and everyone wants to help and contribute so things could get a bit messy.
I hope you'll like that kind of challenge even though it's no ARG!
For the lazy ones, the latest clue led us to a set of 10 levers with consoles next to each other. They all can be pulled back or pushed forward to either decrease or increase the number the console displays. The consoles can show the numbers 1-9, so no zero included. We have to put in a 10 digit code to solve this, bruteforcing 3.4 billion possibilities is no option and not fun at all.
At the console there's a note that says:
01110111 00100 10010110 10101
11110111 01100 01111111 01000
011010111001011010010110 10111101
11001 00111111 10010 01001001
10000 011010010110100111010110
01011011 11110 11110001 11111
11100000 00010 11111111 01000
10110111 10101 01111111 00001
10101110 11111 00110000 01000
Some languages have different notes (can be seen at the wiki) so we assume the solution is text related, because numbers should be universal.
Every help is highly appreciated.
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[index] [1076] [29005] [17109] [22862] [22823] [17022] [24780] [12178] [2815] [26970]

pH, pOH, H3O+, OH-, Kw, Ka, Kb, pKa, and pKb Basic ...

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